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And Two Becomes Three

The rumor mill has once more cranked up as to the possibility that the second HOBBIT movie will be split into 2 separate movies after Jackson himself expressed concern about the amount of material being left out of a single final movie:

“We’ve been certainly talking to the studio about some of the material we can’t film. And we’ve been asking them if we can do a bit more filming next year. Which I don’t know what would come of that, whether that would be extended additions or not. But those discussions are ongoing […] I’d like to shoot a bunch more material that we can’t shoot. There’s so much good stuff in the appendices that we haven’t been able to squeeze into these movies. That’s a discussion that we’re having.”

I can’t see why the studio would say no to a possible trilogy of HOBBIT movies, it seems like everyone else is doing it, HARRY did it TWILIGHT is doing it, and THE HUNGER GAMES will do it, everyone wins, the fans the studio, the theaters and the distributors and all with a minimal ad campaign for a sure-fire hit.

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The Villain is Indeed Revealed or — Is He

After many months of fans, me included trying to guess the Identity of the villain on JJ Abrams up coming STAR TREK 2, Karl Urban seems to have spilled the beans about who it was last week seemingly by accident.

The debate about who the villain was going to be had settled down to about 5 contenders after some insiders revealed a possible short list they included:

  • KHAN

But come on folks. look at this list and tell me there are only 2 serious contenders here

  • KHAN

I know there are a lot of Q fans out there who thought, and I shake my head, that TERLANE would be a good choice NO, NOT and NEVER same goes with HARRY we are talking about a big budget Summer movie here, not the Howdy Dowdy popcorn hour.

So now we are left with 2, the HORTA would never work, but before I proceed let’s talk ALICE EVE her role in ST2 is another mystery, fans had about 7 favorite choices here the sentimental one was JANICE RAND and that would have been great in my books, as were all the other choices that a good-looking blonde would fit but one name on that list stands out when you compare it with our 2 main villain contenders


One other thing you may have noticed is that every one of my choices is a TOS character and that is because JJ Abrams himself stated early on that using a villain from the original series was his preferred way to go.

Now lets deal with KHAN, undoubtedly the most popular ST villain there is, and why is that? ONE name, RICARDO MONTALBAN, he is Khan, to have anyone else play him would seem all wrong the comparisons would start the minute ST2 started, and I can put money on who would win.

Why would JJ go there when he doesn’t have to, 20 years from now when there is a larger percentage of people born after WRATH it may be possible but not now, especially with a newly rebooted Star Trek.

So we are left with GARY MITCHELL and that I suspect is the choice of anyone who is a real fan of the WHOLE Star Trek universe and not just some guy with a shiny head and a robot as a side kick.

OK that was harsh and we owe Picard and company a lot for bringing the series back to life so successfully.

Now back to Karl Urban who found he had some explaining to do when he arrived at Comic-Con yesterday, not that he had a choice in the matter since that is all everyone wanted to know, and this is what he had to say to

I’m really not at liberty to discuss anything about Star Trek. All I can say is that I did that interview after a 22-hour flight from New Zealand. I literally hopped off the plane into the interview

Doesn’t sound like a denial to me, more like an explanation as to why it slipped out, he went on to say

I can promise you that before the end of Comic-Con, some exclusive Star Trek footage, it’s going to come out. You’re going to find it. It’s going to come out

So is the cat out of the bag, and are we going to get an OFFICIAL response as to who the villain really is